Tuesday, September 25, 2007

film + television + print: Animation Company Inspires Love for the Environment

Thanks to our friends at The Alternative Consumer we discovered a visionary company, Startmotions, that clearly has plans to redefine the nature of entertainment, and create entertainment out of nature.

The company produces animated programs (30 seconds to feature length) that educate and inspire viewers to support in the preservation of plants and wildlife. It is their hope that through the art, and entertainment value, of animated storytelling people will become engaged in the cause of preserving the natural habitats of the world. In addition the company aligns its ideas with its practices by being 90% recycled as a company, and by using "the most plentiful, non-biodegradable material on this planet...trash" in its animation.

For further information on this visionary company or the release of their first feature length film in o8', contact http://www.startmotions.com

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