Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Art of Creating Beautiful Trash

Lucy Lytle

Before recycling became a term linked to the environmental cause, it was a lingo used by the artists of the world who were creating masterpieces using found objects. It is these artists who actually were the original "greens," by not only using discarded items purposefully, but actually creating a new life for them that exceeded their original purpose in beauty and meaning.

Beyond the issue of the size of ones footprint on our planet, artists saw the beauty and possibility of how matter can be reused. This is an extraordinary metaphor for the sustainability movement, to go beyond making something more efficient and green, but to actually make it more beautiful and inspiring than the old model; to transcend.

Above you will find four new artists who are making exciting work in this area, and are transforming the discarded and abandoned into the revered spheres of high art.

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