Monday, September 10, 2007

Cleaning The CO2 Mess You Leave Behind

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We want to introduce Terra Pass , the company that's helping you balance out the CO2 emission of your life (from driving, flying, energy use at home, even guest travel to your wedding!), by having you buy a "Terra Pass" in an amount that would offset your CO2 emissions. The money you spend on a Terra Pass gets immediately funneled into clean energy projects. This investment can be as little as $29 per year! Their site conveniently offers opportunities for you to calculate your COs emissions specific to your lifestyle.

The organization has several excellent strategic partnership to extend their reach, including; Ford, Expedia,and Flexcar car sharing service all of which work with Terra Pass to offset carbon emissions from travel. To date Terra Pass reduced over 420 million pounds of greenhouse emissions. Hats off to you guys!

Next time you plan that big family trip, do it mindfully, do it with Terra Pass!

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