Friday, September 28, 2007

Conference Set to Explore The Spiritual Life of Kids

On November 7-11, 2007, The Child Spirit Institute will host the 3rd North American Conference on Spirituality of Children and Youth in Chattanooga TN.

The conference brings together scholars, psychologists, theologians, philosophers, writers and researchers to explore best practices of nurturing a child's spirit. The conference intends to help parents better understand how to nourish a child’s character and calling, to help teachers touch the inner spirit of a child to inspire powerful learning opportunities, to discuss with religious and spiritual leaders ways to connect with a child’s personal source of faith, and to help health care providers seek empower a more "whole child" approach to healing and well being.

The event is produced by the Child Spirit Institute; a non-profit organization dedicated to understanding and nurturing the spirituality of children. The organizations spearheads an array of projects involving training, research, speaking, and consulting, which offer better understanding for parents and professionals on how to nurture the spiritual life of young people and adults.

For further information on the Child Spirit Institute and on The 3rd North American Conference on Spirituality and Youth, go to the institute site at

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