Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Ease of Giving

This morning I woke up, had my morning coffee and realized I need to start shopping for clothes for the kids again for the fall/winter season (one of my least favorite things to do). This means emptying drawers and getting rid of last years wear that I still have stored under their beds, hoping that maybe at least a couple of those items might fit-even though most won’t.

In thinking about what I will do with the remainder of the clothes I decided to look up local women’s shelters/safe houses in my area, figuring that there were probably kids there that could use some of the clothes I have (most of which look barely worn). I did a quick Google search under women’s shelter and my county, and came up with a site that lists half a dozen. I called one, offered to make a donation, they happily accepted the offer and we set a date.

As I will have to put the clothes I do not need in boxes anyway, the only added time investment in the whole process is the 30mt drive to and from the shelter, and the 3 mts call I just made. In a total of 63 mts. I can help make a bunch of mom’s lives just a bit more comfortable – seeing their kids comfortably dressed. I’m thinking of dropping a note in the neighbors mailboxes to see who might want to contribute and make drop offs at my house. Maybe I'll have my daughter help me write the notes and put them in the mailboxes. It reminded me again, that it really is so incredibly easy to find ways to make a difference-one small gesture at a time… with just a little thought – and in my case, a very strong cup of coffee :)

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