Wednesday, September 12, 2007

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Eco-Friendly Hotel Chain Announces Destination in New York City

In 2010, New York City, expects to open doors to the "1" Hotel - an innovative hotel concept that some have said will be a revolutionary force for change in the hospitality industry.

The "1" Hotel is positioning itself as an "Eco-friendly global hotel brand", that will open its doors on west 40th Street in Manhattan. The project is designed to function as a mixed use green tower, combining condominium residence and dining which will feature organic and local ingredients (developed by restaurateur Stephen Hanson),with a hotel in a tower of 31 Eco-friendly floors.

The NRDC is functioning as an advisor to Starwood Capital Group that is behind this venture. The project promises to be LEED certified and will donate 1% of all its profit to local environmental organizations. The nearly 200,000 sq foot structure will include the following elements of Eco-friendly construction:

• A high performance building envelope, with extensive day lighting and installation of keycards, occupancy sensors, lighting control systems and Energy Star appliances throughout to save energy

• The building will be 30% more efficient than required by the N.Y. State Energy Conservation Code

• 50% of the energy used will come from renewable sources such as wind, hydro and biomass

• Greenhouse gas emissions from operations will be reduced 30%

• Potable water use will be reduced by 30% and no potable water will be used for landscaping

• Irrigation water use will be reduced by 50%

• Non-toxic products will be used for housekeeping.

Now, if we could only shut those darn lights off in Times Square (two blocks up) from time to time...we might really be in business :)

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