Friday, September 21, 2007

trends + business + politics: Hollywood Goes Green With The Help of Ed Begley Jr.

Ed Begley Jr, Hollywood's loudest and proudest voice on all things green and sustainable, has partnered with iHollywood Forum (the conference producer behind a handful of entertainment industry events) to produce "Hollywood Goes Green" (Dec. 11-12, 2007). The conference touts itself as "the first conference to specifically discuss environmental issues in Hollywood and related industries."

The agenda looks like a smorgasbord of all things green, from the very general "Why is Being Green Good For Business" to the more provocative "On the Green Front: Pitching and Financing Environmentally Themed Films." The event features several interesting speakers spanning the advertising biz (Doug Scott, Exec Director of Branded Content at Ogilvy) to the very green world of the Deputy Director of the Rainforest Alliance. The conference addresses many facets of where sustainability touches Hollywood, but most interesting is how its product touches the public.

If the event can even slightly help Hollywood decipher how to harness, and direct, its' massive influence on the state of America's environmental consciousness, it will be no small win for the green camp. The reality is, films like Jaws were capable of keeping us all slightly on edge in open water for decades to come, and cable shows like "L Word" made simply being a lesbian seem chic, maybe a good script on a sexy electric car can have mass consumers demanding one for themselves.

The issue of what message we are sending out in our media has been a long standing debate, hopefully the environmental cause will not land on the long line of Hollywood activist causes, right behind moms boycotting rappers on music videos, and the Christian right boycotting adultery plot lines on day time TV.

Good luck “Hollywood Goes Green,” we’re rooting for you !

*Written by Lohasian, originally posted to ecorazzi)

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