Saturday, September 29, 2007

home + food + family: Homemade Organic Baby Food Without the Mess: The Tastybaby Promise

It seems that stores are catching up to what moms have known for the last century, organic baby food with wholesome ingredients is simply better for baby than its jarred competitor. The solution, until now, has been a cumbersome and messy process involving steaming fruits and vegetable, freezing them in ice cubes trays and the like, and heating up at meal time. Although home made food is the best alternative, companies are stepping up to provide organic wholesome substitutes for busy parents. One such company is Baltimore based Tastybaby, which makes 100% organic frozen baby food.

The company blast freezes the freshest ingredients at their prime, capturing the ripest flavors and optimal nutrients and then saving them in convenient single serving portions. All the ingredients used are certified organic, farmed and minimally process. The products are segmented into stages of child's development. Stage 1 features an extra smooth puree with single ingredients ( Life's a Peach, Squash 'Em, Hip 2 B Pear); Stage 2, also maintains a smooth puree but with more complex flavors ( Peas On Earth, Bangos, Bollywood Baby, Sweetie Pie); and Stage 3 delivers a chunkier puree with added protein (Kickin' Chicken, Mama Mia). Each box contains three, 3.5-oz individual, re-sealable cups and will retail for about $5.50.

On top of making a wholesome and easy to use product, the company maintains a commitment to social responsibility. Tastybaby is involved with E2 (Environmental Entrepreneurs), the Natural Resources Defense Council and the Malibu Legacy Park Project. In addition, this month Tastybaby co-hosted a fall fashion event at the Stella McCartney store in West Hollywood, from which proceeds supported Children's Action Network, a non-profit dedicated to finding homes for Foster Children. Tastybaby also takes social responsibility back to its product line by packaging exclusively in recyclable and biodegradable material and printing with vegetable-based inks.

This week, at the Natural Products Expo, the company announced that it will be shipping a full line of its baby food products to premier stores on the West Coast and will be rolling out a nationwide distribution shortly. Immediately you can find their products at Whole Foods, Bristol Farms, Mollie Stones and PC Greens.

For further information check out the Tastybaby community site for details.

Note: This story was written by Julia Fenster of The Lohasian, with original posting at The Alternative Consumer

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