Monday, September 3, 2007

How to Give Gifts That Matter

--celebrity + charity + global relief--

I was looking to get a gift for a friend when I realized that this friend really didn’t need anything at all. In researching really cool ideas on inspiring gifts I stumbled across some exciting opportunities for giving in someone else’s name, online. All the sites below will send a gift card to your friend to notify them of the amazing gift that was made in their name. One of the companies is already on one of my favorite resources list below – but others are folks I just stumbled on. I know there are so many other great sources like these to be listed – so I will do so, as often as possible...because god knows most of us do not need more STUFF.

Next time you want to give a gift to someone that really matters try one of the sources below.
A UK based company which will let you sponsor an acre of a rainforest for a little over a $100 or 1/2 an acre for half as much. An acre of rainforest locks in 260 tonnes of global warming CO2 – that’s the same as the annual carbon footprint of a family. They also have really great programs for schools and business.

SEVA Foundation
Founded in 1978, SEVA allows you to sponsor any number of their programs in several areas of the world, ranging from much needed sight programs to maternal and prenatal care.
Heifer is an amazing organization that works to help end world hunger. You HAVE TO look at their site to see how easy and impactful your contribution can be. They even have an online gift registry where you can buy a pig or a water buffalo for a village!
If you have somehow managed to not hear of KIVA, you will soon. They have an exciting business model that allows everyday folks to LEND money to entrepreneurs in developing nations. These monies get paid back to you and you know exactly who it is that you are funding. The company has apparently managed to loan over $10mi from over 94,000 people just like you. They have great gift certificates.

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