Friday, September 21, 2007

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Jenny McCarthy Links Diet To Autism - The Wheat and Dairy Question

Jenny McCarthy continues spreading her unconventional message regarding her experience with her son autism, after appearing on Oprah earlier this week and attributing the MMR vaccine to her sons autism. Tonight on 20/20, McCarthy went one step further by going on record discussing how her son's condition has improved since being diagnosed two years ago, due to adjustments of his diet, specifically the elimination of dairy and wheat.

Her claims are backed by available research that links many cases of autism resulting from an immune-system dysfunction that affects the body's ability to break down various proteins and combat yeasts and bacteria. Although there is no conclusive scientific evidence on this connection, many parents of autistic children do make claims to witnessing tremendous improvements in their children's condition.

Marilyn Le Breton's "Diet Intervention and Autism: Implementing the Gluten Free and Casein Free Diet for Autistic Children and Adults : A Practical Guide for Parents (Paperback)" offers a comprehensive look at this diet and its impacts on Autism.

For further information contact the Autism Network for Dietary Intervention or Autismweb.

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