Wednesday, September 12, 2007

LOHAS Australia - A Survey Uncovers a Complex New Market Down Under

A recent study in Australia found that 8% of Australians are shopping according to their values and world view (approx. 1.75mi people), but more remarkably a whopping 41% are poised to follow if the products and price made sense.

They broke down this LOHAS market into two categories; the "Leaders" (the 8%'ers) and the "Leaners" (the 41%'ers). Marketers and industry are finding that much like the hard core US Lohas market, "Leaners" also are critical of being hard sold. Their sentiment says "give us an alternative, but don't ram it down our throats." But according to Nik Bez of research and strategy at the Mobium Group (who just completed a year long study), Australian business is failing at taking advantage of the potential swell of demand.

Bez believes that the "Leaners" market is not the type to go out and seek products, they want "mainstream availability." Nik Bez explains "the further away you get from the core LOHAS consumer, the more they want to know 'what's in it for me?"

The authors of the study believe there are approximately 3.9 million people in Australia who currently comprise the true LOHAS sector (taking Leaders + half of Leaners into account). One thing for sure, regardless of the exact numbers of potential buyers, companies still seem to be perplexed as to what potential products this finicky group will buy. What is known is that no buyer within the demographic will buy all things LOHAS, but how the market cross- purchases is still to be full understood.

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Anonymous said...

I think the case is more to do with seeing what is classifie as LOHAS. How does a comsumer know, and further, how do they know it is sincere.

If this is not verifieed, there is no foundation to analsye trends, and any such people are wasting time thinking they will get some useful figures.