Friday, November 16, 2007

MyPath TV Delivers Enlightment To Your Desktop

For those of you seeking a quick fix of spiritual inspiration, you might want to check out MyPathTV, an Internet Channel featuring the who's who of the spiritual and self development universe.

The site provides its members videos featuring everyone from Andrew Weil to Ram Daas to Buddhist actor Richard Gere discussing how to transform and empower your life as well as how to heal yourself from any number of physical, emotional or spiritual ailments. In the mix you will also discover great video on Yoga and other wellness oriented lifestyle practices.

This mind, body, spirit video channel was founded in 2006 by Joseph Lehnan, a former Wall Street executive who developed the concept after seeking online resources to help him deal with a personal transition. Lehnan partnered with Washington DC based TEAM Group, a television production and services company as well as with spiritual community giant, Beliefnet to create an impressive solution for anyone seeking to empower and transform their lives right from their desktop.

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