Tuesday, September 18, 2007

NOVA Natural Toys & Crafts, A LOHAS Parent's Dream

--home + food + family--

O.K we admit it, we are so very much in love. It was a first sight kind of thing, one look at the catalogue and we wanted to order nearly every item featured.

NOVA Natural Toys & Crafts, a family owned business started almost twenty years ago in a small town in Vermont has so got it right, combining old world workmanship, with natural materials, and an understanding of the tools necessary to cultivate a child's imagination.

The company applies a consciousness centered approach to their business down to their once a year published catalogue done on recycled paper. NOVA sells toys, crafts and the most wonderful woolens (hats, socks, jumpers etc) for baby's, kids, and parents.

Hat's off to NOVA, for giving conscious parents something to truly delight over.

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