Sunday, September 9, 2007

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Organic Cosmetics Company Makes History With Ambitious Sustainability Plan

An Austin Texas based company name Gourmet Body Treats is making its own bit of history as possibly the first company in the cosmetics industry to become fully sustainable in both their products and packaging.

The company launched in 2000 offers a wide array of vegan skin care and cosmetics products, all of which are free of animal or animal products, including insect products (no honey or beeswax) and algae and algae derivatives. The company also exemplifies its commitment to a consciousness centered business approach, by making a commitment to be carbon neutral by 2010.

This announcement comes at an interesting time just as the cosmetics industry is beginning to recognize the economic impact of the natural and organic cosmetics lines, which now amount to an impressive global market surpassing $7 billion a year (Organic Monitor). With all this good intention, the company also manages to make simply a great product line that is not only good for the planet, but also good for your face, body and skin.

Pictured Above - From Top To Bottom: Anti-Aging Lipstick, Chocolate Body Cream in Bon Bon Package, Chocolate Body Scrub, Vanilla Poppy Body Scrub.

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