Thursday, September 13, 2007

Poetry of Nature In Black and White: Adams Returns to the Corcoran

The highly regarded Corcoran Gallery in Washington DC unveils an exhibit of the legendary photographer Ansel Adams (September 15, 2007 - January, 27, 2008). The show will feature 125 images drawn from the Lane collection, which was acquired over a decade in the 1960's and 1970's. Iconic landscape imagery alongside rarely exhibited prints frame the show. Adams has not been shown solo in DC in over a decade, and art enthusiasts in the area are much anticipating his return.

Adams was not only one of the most highly acclaimed and recognized photographers in America, but was a pioneer of the art of photography, spending a good part of his career legitimizing it as an art form. In addition Adams was an active advocate in the area of natural preservation, and is noted to be one of the early inspirations for the environmental art movement.

If ever there was an artist whose images of nature inspired sheer awe, it was Ansel Adams. His vistas were regal and yet meditatively subdued and poetic. His images clearly showed his adoration and respect for nature, which to this day enthralls audiences.

Adams was a longtime member of the Sierra Clubs board of directors, and his work had an enormous impact on public policy in particular the creation of the National Park in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California.

This is a must see show for any art enthusiast or naturalist alike.

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