Saturday, September 15, 2007

Reflections on the Perfection of the Mundane

--home + food + family--

This morning my family and I found ourselves in the children's section of the library enjoying a lazy morning sipping coffee as my toddler climbed in an out of the wooden train in the kids section, and my five year old daughter played off to the corner. Outside, the rain was surprisingly cold for September and the sky was dark, making everything inside those library walls seem even more cozy. It was perfect, everybody in their own space, but together and content - one of those family "hum" moments.

It seems that these days, the ambitious goal is finding big moments of joy in the simplest experiences. With video games, and 500 channels on the television, and a children's world of endless kids movies on DVD and infinite enrichment activities - it is easy to forget that happiness can come from the entirely mundane. Even in a more natural family life, often the pressure is to "go somewhere special" or "see something beautiful" - to have an extraordinary experience that delights. But in the pursuit of the extraordinary, we sometimes miss the perfection of the ordinary - in our everyday lives, which is what mostly defines the sum of our life.

As we walked out of the library, the rain stopped. We were going to head somewhere, although not entirely sure where...and in that we went off to another unplanned and utterly delightful adventure, together.

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