Monday, September 17, 2007

Scarlett Johansson Joins Oxfams Global Ambassadors Program

--celebrity + charity + global relief--

One would never imagine Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Helen Mirren, Coldplay, Annie Lennox, Colin Firth, Gael Garcia Bernal and Scarlet Johnansson landing on any similar list, but this diverse group of world recognized names now comprise the Global Ambassadors list for Oxfam.The program formalizes relationships with some of the organizations most well-known supporters and thereby enables them to further advance their work to help this extraordinary charity meet its goals in overcoming poverty and injustice.

“Our Ambassadors are listened to across the world, and their support helps to give a voice to people who would not otherwise be heard. Through their work, Oxfam’s campaigning messages can reach a much wider audience and have huge impact on decision makers. We are delighted to have so many credible and passionate Ambassadors from across the globe,” said Claire Lewis, Oxfam’s International Artist Liaison Manager.

Johansson decision to sign up followed a recent trip to the India and Sri Lanaka.While visiting the Dalit girls school in a rural village she met with women campaigning against domestic violence. The meeting clarified for Johansson the tremendous value brought by an organization such as Oxfam for furthering such causes worldwide.

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