Monday, September 10, 2007

September Picks-Top 5 Mindful Books For Kids

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1- "Unstoppable Me" & " Incredible You: 10 Ways to Let Your Greatness Shine Through!" by Wayne Dyer (Pre-k - Gr 2.)

Colorful and joyful illustrations coupled with clearly and simply written text with deep and vital messages make this a must have on your childs book shelf. The books are a great starting point for though provoking discussions on valuing your self, with your little one. Wayne Dyer get's it do right with these books. I am anxiously awaiting the third installment, " It's Not What You Got"

2-"Big Momma Makes the World" by Phyllis Root (Pre-K-Gr.2)

Luscious illustrations of a voluptuous mother in the role of God, juggling feeding her baby while creating life on earth (amongst other things), create a sweet, witty and warm version to introduce the creation story to your child in terms they can understand.

3-"When the Root Children Wake Up" by Audrey Wood (Pre-K - Gr.2)

A treasure of a book on the magic of the passing of the seasons. It is filled with glorious images that serve as the backdrop to this poetic tale. Based on a 1906 version written by German author Sibylle von Olfers.

4-"Pink and White" by William Steig (Pre-K-Gr.2)

I admit it, I love this one as much as my little one. Steig is simply a brilliant author, and is the original writer of Shrek. This tale creates a hilarious interpretation of the creation story through a debate between two wooden puppets (pink and white), trying to figure out how they "got there."

5-"Frederick" by Leo Lionni (Pre-K-Gr.2)
Leo Lionni is by far one of the best authors of children's books, weaving tales of morality and adventure in simple easy to read stories. In this treasure, we find a group of mice readying for a long winter, busy gathering necessary supplies. Frederick the mouse is gathering as well, through the magic of his imagination. This tale brilliantly exhibits how the treasures of our mind and our imagination are sometimes the greatest of them all.

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