Sunday, September 23, 2007

home+food+family: Sustainable Community Celebrates Thirty Eco Friendly Years

Thirty years ago Mike Corbett and his wife Judy had a dream of a sustainable green community, so they did what few might dare to do - they went out, bought sixty acres and built it. Introducing the Village Homes of Davis California.

The community of two hundred and twenty homes, and forty apartments, are clustered in eight, and all face south to support their reliance on solar power for space and water heating. The homes are positioned along narrow winding streets that are surrounded by open spaces with blooming fruit and nut trees. The community features lush gardens, playgrounds and outdoor art galleries. The open spaces feature natural irrigation systems designed utilizing a network of ponds, creeks and swales that permit rain to soak into the ground instead of storm drains.

The community was additionally designed to minimize the need for cars and devoted 4000 square feet of the development towards office and retail space which now hosts some 17 small businesses including restaurants, a dance studio, attorneys, accountants and even a massage therapist. In addition the community is situated a short walk from a grocery store and the University of California at Davis.

Village Home of Davis, might have started as dream for Mike and Judy Corbett, but some three decades later, the community has proven a dream come true for the residents who have come to call it home.

For more information, visit the Village Homes Davis site.

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