Monday, September 24, 2007

trends + business + politics: Tech Giant, Sun Microsystems, Helps Companies Become Eco-Friendly

It might make business headlines, but the launch of is ultimately great news for the masses.

Tech giant Sun Microsystems announced today that it is launching, an online community set to organize,calculate,compare and ultimately reduce green house gas emissions from the corporate sector.

The site is free and open to all organizations and promises to offer a platform for organizations to exchange and share data with fellow community members. The objective of the new business is to share carbon accounting data that might ordinarily remain in a company's spreadsheet using the OpenEco's unique GHG emissions tool. The tool enables organizations of all kinds to benchmark against one another, set realistic reduction goals and share best practices to meet them.

Sun began sharing its own emissions data and best practices prior to launching Their objective was to help other companies reduce their own footprint. Sun also posted case studies and best practices about how it has greened its own data centers worldwide.

Hopefully will create a corporate community that motivates, and invites healthy competition, to develop and foster sounder environmental policies

For more information or to be part of the community, visit or to reach Sun Microsystems at

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