Sunday, September 30, 2007

Tibetan Monk Sand Painting Serves As Metaphor on Life

This week in Iowa, a group of Tibetan monks undertook a rather profound artistic endeavor. They devoted 30 hours to creating a sand painting - one grain of sand at a time.

"We scoop the sand inside the instrument and we rub that bigger part with a small instrument and that cause(s) a vibration, which makes the sand fall down," said Thupten Tendhar, a visiting monk working on the painting.

"This is done not only as art, but also done as part of the spiritual practice of meditation," he continued. "We start the sand painting from the inner-most part and then work outward."

On Saturday morning, when the painting was completed, the monks carried it to a nearby body of water, and dumped it.

The monks commented, that the painting, much like life, was not meant to be permanent.

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