Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Top Ten Green Sky Scrapers in the World

Eco Geek has featured a fabulous list compiled by Jon Schroeder of the top ten Green Skyscrapers in the world. The buildings that made the list are mind blowing in terms of innovation and several are stunning examples of idealized design. The following buildings (in various stages of development) made the list...go to Eco Geek for the detailed run down on the unique features of each building, and the complete story.

10. The Urban Cactus, Rotterdam

9. 340 on the Park, Chicago

8.Waugh Thistleton Residential Tower, London

7.The Burj al-Taqa (Energy Tower), Dubai

6. The Hearst Tower, New York City

5.The CIS Tower, Manchester England

4.The Lighthouse Tower, Dubai

3. Bank of America Tower, New York City

2. The Pearl River Tower, Guangzhou, China

1.The Bahrain World Trade Center Towers, Kingdom of Bahrain

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