Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Living Art of Michele Brody

The Green Dress

Parrita in Process

Seed Book

The artist by the name of Michele Brody creates metaphors for the natural world, by creating "living art" utilizing organic and synthetic materials.

Her work, includes photography, installation and sculpture as well as a body of public art. The creations incorporate the use of light, water, earth, and plant seeds - which sprout life out of constructed vessels often made from recycled objects such as medicine bottles or pipes. Other natural form materials used include linen flax paper or linen fabric tubes. The result is an intriguing juxtaposition of the natural and the fabricated.

Her work is focused on organic compositions whose purpose is simply to "grow and survive," and act as documents of their life process. This is often accomplished with the support of irrigation systems that the artist designs and incorporates in her work (such as the Garden Lace,1994). In other work she documents the life of structures within a given natural environment (Parrita in Process, 2000,or her seasonal installation Presencing 1996 ). Brody's construction's seem to both teaching how we can harvest and harness nature, while in the same note somehow reminding the viewer of the awkward artifice of trying to mimic nature.

Brody has had one-person shows at Littlejohn Contemporary in NYC, Dina4 Projekte in Munich, Germany, the Museo de Arte y DiseƱo Contemporaneo in San Jose, Costa Rica, and at Le Quai de la Batterie, and the Atelier-galerie d'Art Contemporain in Arras, France. She has also been the recipient of numerous grants including the the Pollock/ Krasner Foundation, New York Foundation for the Arts, amongst others. Her work is intriguing and thought provoking, and is sure to leave its mark within the contemporary environmental art movment.

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