Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Brompton Bikes-Stylish Commuting for the Conscious Set

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The easiest, and most affordable way per mile of getting about town is by bike. And as bike sales are up thanks to conscious consumers seeking ways to limit car usage, and dependence on gas, the need for convenience is critical. Brompton foldable bikes are an excellent solution for both the urban and country dweller and are amongst the very best on the market. The bikes offer titanium frames, top notch suspension, and a quick step fold and go process exciting consumers in the U.S and on the "other side of the pond" where they are manufactured.

At a price of approximately $1600 this is no quick purchase for most, but the great ride and easy handling mixed with the flexibility of moving from pedestrian to commuter in a few quick steps, makes this an easy sell for the conscious set.

The company offers three models (see below) customizing to an array of potential customers and needs.

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M-type. The classic shape of the M-type handlebar has been used on the Brompton since the outset. It gives a fairly upright ride with excellent control. Grip height is 1015mm, and there is scope for a little fore/aft adjustment.

The M-type is a general purpose Brompton, as much at home around town as for exploring in the country, and with plenty of room for luggage at the front

The foam lower grips, well forward and about 880mm from the ground, are angled for comfort on longer stretches of road, and you can deliver some real power to the pedals. Take care, however, as the brakes are on the upper bar, and you should only use this lower position when the road is quite clear. The upper grips, at about 1033mm, provide a welcome contrast, and also give the best position for manoeuvring in traffic.

The P-type is a bit heavier than an M-type, and there’s less room for over-filling a front pannier, but it’s the best choice for longer distances and touring, or if you intend to do some fast riding.

The S-type is for many the prettiest Brompton, and with its Kevlar brake cables and high-tensile-alloy handlebar it’s the lightest. The grips are light foam, and, at about 935mm from the ground, appreciably lower than on the M-type, and 50mm further forward: so you can get well down out-of-the- wind, and enjoy the positive feel of these bikes.

Front luggage for an S-type is the S-bag: there is no room under the handlebar for any of the other full-size luggage options.

The S-type is ideal for getting about town, but as with any Brompton you can just as well use it for days out in the country. An S-type is also a sensible choice for smaller riders seeking lower bars.

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