Thursday, October 11, 2007

Electric Car Maker Targets the You-Tube Generation for Electric Car Giveaway

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Miles Automotive Group, based in Santa Monica airport in Southern California, currently makes small, low-speed electric vehicles used primarily by universities, government and the military. The company is gearing up to launch a freeway-speed consumer car, and is looking to raise awareness in the market by targeting college students.

The company has put in place an online strategy that urges college students to create and upload their own videos about how electric cars can help clean up the environment. Miles will then post the videos on YouTube and will award a handful of student who garner the most visibility with a $1,000 scholarship and a brand new Miles electric car for their school.

The site called, No Gas Required, educates students on issues linked to global warming and includes links to green blogs, a glossary of terms, and information on how to contact government representatives.

Miles claims that "based on typical fleet driving," a university can eliminate about 12,000 pounds of carbon emissions a year for each gas-powered vehicle it replaces with an all-electric car or truck. Of course, to garner a complete picture of the impact on environment, one must weight other factors such as how the electricity is generated, how and where the cars are made, along with the battery material and life, amongst other considerations.

We are looking forward to seeing what the You Tube generation will drum up to get their hands on a free pair of wheels... electric, or otherwise, we are sure a campaign like this will get some respectable traction from new drivers.

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