Thursday, October 11, 2007

trends + business + politics: Evangelicals Storm Washington to Battle Global Warming

Representatives of the 111 signatories of the Evangelical Climate Initiative (ECI) came to the Nation's Capital today to call on lawmakers to enact "prudent and comprehensive climate legislation," armed with the results of a new national poll of that reveals strong support among evangelicals for this action.

Evangelical leaders attending a forum of the Evangelical Climate
Initiative and the National Association of Evangelicals here this week are also meeting their own U.S. Representatives today. In addition, the entire group of leaders has sent the poll results and a summary of the group's Call to Action to Members of Congress.

"What we are seeing is significant support among evangelical Christians for prudent measures that will help stop and reverse levels of global warming pollution and will be consistent with God's call to all of us to be stewards of his incomparable creation," said David Clark, president of Palm Beach Atlantic University, former chairman of the National Religious Broadcasters, and an ECI signatory.

An Ellison Research poll recently found the following findings:

  • 70 percent of evangelicals believe global warming will have an impact on future generations
  • 64 percent say that action against it should begin immediately.
  • 89 percent of evangelicals agreed that the U.S. should seek to curb its global warming pollution, regardless of what other nations do.
  • 84 percent of evangelicals support legislation to reduce global warming pollution levels
  • 54 percent are more likely to support a candidate that works toward that end (with only 10 percent less likely to support a candidate who works for global warming action).
The Evangelical Climate Initiative first introduced its Climate Change: An Evangelical Call to Action in February 2006 with a national media campaign, and in March 2007 ECI released a list of its concerns titled: Principles for Federal Policy on Climate Change.

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