Tuesday, October 23, 2007

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Hot New Jeans for the Green Fashion Set

Barney's shoppers might be known for their fashion sense but not their green sense - but now thanks to Loomstate (that is carried at Barney's and a slate of high end retailers in major cities) they don't have to compromise one for the other.

Loomstate has designed an utterly fabulous, and yes high end jean (as the fashion set will attest, on the low end of the high end, at $150 a pair) that are made of entirely organic cotton. The jeans have proven that being Eco conscious does not mean being frumpy, by designing jeans that have all the great fit of the traditional brands. The company makes 4 styles for both men and women, our fave above (Methos for men, and Kharma for women).

Check out the boutiques listings on their site for where you can grab yourself a pair and feel and look fabulous, while keeping it real with your green values.

Originally Post on Sustainable Runway

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