Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Greek Drama of the Bush-Gore Saga

One has to wonder what George Bush thought when his pal Al Gore won the Nobel Prize. There is something reminiscent of Greek Mythology in the whole scenario - a fallen hero battles evil Gods who are are allies of his nemesis and wins.

I remember images of a bearded Gore 2 years after the presidential debacle and was left wondering how he would ever recover. He fell out of the spotlight, wrote a book with Tipper on family life (The Spirit of Family), and nearly disappeared from the public eye. But here we are some eight years later and we have a Gore that has landed on a world stage, praised by leaders, scientists, and masses alike while Bush battles with presidential ratings that are only historic in the sense that they are amongst the lowest in the century (only seven points above the lowest rating ever held of Harry Truman). But what now? How does the Greek tale end - does the fallen hero claim the throne ? Does she run for office?

This is a big moral question - one which ultimately he must wrestle with constantly. To take a presidential run, on some level is abandoning the cause of the planet (and the cause that put him back on the worlds stage)- you can not run a country on a single platform (much as Bush has tried). At the same time, the United States is a critical piece in the call for change on global environmental policy.

The reality is that who ever takes office after this administration, will have to deal with a whole lot of "cleaning shop" - including the not so small mess in Iraq. Gore's core interest would have to be put in a very large basket of other critical issues that require attention in this nation such as health care and the immigration to name a few. If Gore is as passionate about climate change and the environmental "war" he might be better served keeping his lines of interest clean, and walking off into the sunset victorious and true to his cause. For now we celebrate the hero, as we wait and see how the saga ends.

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