Monday, October 22, 2007

trends + business + politics: Green Life Coaching Promises Greener Days For Everyone

Sara Gordon of Greener Days is not new to the Environmental scene although her company Green Days just launched with its marketing initiative as sponsor of the Green Lounge at this years' Hamptons International Film Festival.

Sara has been an environmentalist for many years and a service learning educator in the school system in Sag Harbor. Last year she trained directly with Al Gore under the Climate Project initiative and is now one of his climate ambassadors. Her company Greener Days seeks to make "green" easy and accessible for everyone, including business and private homes, by functioning as a facilitator for hire, or an environmental coach.

"I come in and essentially do 'footprint consulting'" she said, "we can go as detailed and deep as the client wants, and is comfortable."

Her consultations include looking at everything from a clients buying history, utility bills, cleaning supplies, and overall home efficiency. The results she comes up with help her draft up a plan for how to offset some of that footprint. In addition to here coaching and consulting work, she also offers buying services to clients to get them started on a more healthy and Eco conscious approach to lifestyle. In short Greener Days provides an end to end solution to help families and business' get greener with ease.

Her rates are affordable, with a initial consult fee at $100, and a full engagement scaled to the size of your home or as she refers to it "your actual real estate footprint."

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