Monday, October 8, 2007

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Honda's Campaign Shuffle to Capture The Conscious Consumer

Honda’s odd" Environmentology" campaign has been phased out in the recent months according to Brandweek. The campaign was built around an obscure made-up term ("environmentology" ) and had hoped to outline Honda’s “environmentally responsible” technology. The bottom line is that it “never went as deep as had been planned.”

Rumor has it that the campaign was criticized internally as soon as it hit the market. Now Honda is repositioning with a new campaign launched in major print, TV, and the Internet that spins Honda as the avant-garde of environmental engineering and technical wizardry, MediaPost reports. It sort of feels like the "we are different" bend of the last campaign repackaged in "cool."

The TV spot shows off the Honda Jet, the company’s entry into the world of corporate aviation, Honda’s solar-powered racer and a Honda production car going through its paces. Another spot begins in November, and will highlight Honda’s environmental technology.

The ads are anticipated to run on network TV during season premieres of shows like “Brothers & Sisters,” “Dancing With the Stars,” “Cane” and “Chuck.” Spots will also run on Major League Baseball playoffs, the World Series, nearly 30 cable networks, National Public Radio and cable special features.

Honda is also running the campaign on print (starting next month) and Internet properties under ESPN, O, Rolling Stone and Wired.

The campaign includes a Web site,, and roadblocks on AOL, CBS, CNET, Forbes, Time and YouTube.

We can't help but wonder if this is just not another case of big corporate thinking trying to grab at the complex eco and social consumer that is part of the LOHAS movement. This play on the supposedly cool Honda brand using Jet's and Race Car's will be interesting to watch. Do green consumers really want to be cool? Honda seems to think so. Wait and see.

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