Thursday, October 11, 2007

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Organic Eco Fashion for the Boardroom

Australian based Tane Executive Eco Fashion makes buying a tie for the boardroom of simply for dear old dad, a whole lot more meaningful.

The company is positioning itself as an executive eco-fashion brand and is minding every aspect of their business line to assure that it meets the highest environmental standards, from sourcing raw products to monitoring the delivery of product to ensure minimal environmental impact. To make your purchase even more satisfying, the company partnered with Trees For Life as part of an initiative to plant a tree in South Australia (in areas demanding reforestation) for EVERY Tane product sold.

We hope the good intention and the sustainability planning of Tane will rub off on the executive set to whom they are catering. Hats off to Tane for extending the idea of eco fashion off the runway, and into the boardroom.

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