Monday, October 8, 2007

Shamanic Meditations: The Art of Howard G. Charing

Howard G Charing creative work is an extension of a life's path dedicated to the ancient and mystical. Charing is a healer, a workshop facilitator, and a director of the Eagle’s Wing Centre for Contemporary Shamanism. He has been baptised by the Shipibo Indians, and ritually initiated into the lineage of the maestros of the Rio Napo region. He is also a published author of books on Shamanism as well as the co-creator (with Peter Cloudsley) of "The Shamans of Peru" CD, a documented collection of chants. His path and inquiry into the spiritual realm began following a nearly fatal accident in a lift crash that brought him face to face with the infinite through a near death experience. Since that time he has devoted himself to spiritual inquiry and sacred practices with the shamanic serving as his gateway.

The artists' work is a celebration of the shamanistic symbols, ancient paintings, and local art which have seeped into his collective fabric through the years his years as student, teacher, and evangelist of the spiritual core of the Amazon. The paintings of Howard G. Charing are bursting with color, and vibrating through a multitude of pulsating beads and swirling lines that seem to be meditational documents. The documents honor native cultures and practices and are reminiscent of ancient symbols that are eloquently composed in vibrant color fields. The paintings of Charing transport viewer into less modern world and ask us to explore the deepest parts within our own spiritual realm.

Howard G. Charing's art can be seen in the "gallery section" on the shamanistic site called "Eagles Wing" that is the site for the Center for Contemporary Shamanism ( which introduces the workshops and retreats he leads in the Amazon).

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