Saturday, January 19, 2008

Supermodel Christy Turlington Delivers Skincare Line for Natural Living

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Supermodel Christy Turlington has been the face of countless designers, but for the last decade she has been the face of wellness and natural living. Her life has turned from the runways to more healing pathways as she evolved into an avid Yoga practitioner, activist, author and entrepreneur. One of her companies, Sundari, makes extraordinary natural skincare products that are light on the environment and the skin.

Ingredients such as avocado, lavender, green tea extracts and countless other natural ingredients nourish the skin, leaving it repaired and rejuvenated. Easy on sensitive skin, and active enough for damaged skin, Sundari is a wonderful alternative to chemical infused alternatives. Here are some of our favorite products, all available at

Omega 3 & Raspberry Tonic + Elder Flower Moisturizer

Gotu Kola and Asparagus Mask

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