Saturday, September 29, 2007

trends + business + politics: Sustain Lane Helps Advertisers Reach The Finicky LOHAS Market

Last week Sustain Lane, the community powered directory of green products and business' , launched its new Green Advertising Network to further expand the reach of green advertising.

The promise of the company is 36 million page views per month (from listing sites) for its advertisers, on websites catering exclusively to the LOHAS market. For the sites listing on the network, Sustain Lane allows them to generate additional revenue through their website or email list as well as maintain existing relationships with current advertisers. Advertisers benefit from the ease of reach of the optimal mix of green/socially conscious consumers through display advertising and opt-in email newsletters,while offering the convenience of purchasing across multiple sites.

"When developing our green campaign, one of our main challenges was finding the right targets online, because it is such a new audience. Many sites were not ready for advertising and we weren't sure of the quality of other sites," said Nicole Rousseau from HSBC. "Sustain Lane provided us with an easy way to manage the process... We were able to simplify our ad buying process and easily optimize our campaign to reach the best green customers in this emerging market."

A survey of the advertisers in the Green Ad Network found that green consumers have a higher average education level, higher household income and are willing to spend more for green and sustainable products. The readers of these publications were 70 percent female, 73 percent hold a Bachelor's Degree or higher, and 31 percent had a household income exceeding $100,000.

Although this market is large and rapidly expanding, it is also more complex than other markets to reach, as purchasing decisions are intricately linked to the value systems of this group. The Green Ad Network hopes to simplify the process of reaching this demographic with its easy "plug in" proposition.

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