Monday, October 1, 2007

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Thailand Yoga Spa Provides Blissful Escape From the Busy Modern Life

Thai Hermit Yoga Spa in Northern Thailand is a picturesque retreat set in the town of Pai, located in Mae Hong Son Province. The spa combines the comforts and services of a spa with the focus and commitment of a top notch yoga retreat.

Set in a magnificent location against a backdrop of a serene Thai mountainous terrain, the destination offers a once in a lifetime experience. In addition to the glorious setting, the destination is guaranteed to rejuvenate the amateur and enthusiast yogi with its custom blend of Hatha, Raja, Bhakti, Jnana, Karma, Jivamukti, and many other traditions of yoga with the ancient art forms of Thai Hermit Yoga Postures and Thai Yoga Massage. The outcome is a challenging and yet gentle synthesis of yoga designed to be suitable for all levels of practitioners.

The accommodations feature beautifully designed rooms with hot springs baths. Additional services are available including a variety of Thai massage services and detox offerings. The food at the spa is a combination of local exotic delicacies utilizing local produce, customized to a health conscious vegetarian palate.

The spa is designed to leave visitor feeling refreshed, restored and revitalized and allow each to reenter the fast paced lifestyle of the modern world with a new found awareness.

For more information call +66 (0) 530 65722 - or go to

In-Room Natural Spring Baths

Private Rooms

Private Porch

Hot Springs Pool

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Unknown said...

Cheers to the wonderful shout-out for Thai Hermit Yoga! I just finished teaching the Feb. 2008 retreat and it was Magic.
Stay Real,
Casey Gramaglia,
Pai, Mae Hongson.
Thai Hermit Yoga