Tuesday, October 9, 2007

home+food+family: U.K Celebrity Chef, James Martin, Teaches Schools Lessons in Sustainability

Television chef James Martin is taking part in an initiative to provide children in Yorkshire with the opportunity to get involved with hands-on gardening experience.

One Million Green Fingers is was created to foster lessons in self-sufficiency in schools by creating some 350 sustainable school gardens by 2010. The initiative is hoping to teach the next generation of global citizens lessons in water conservation and sustainability.

Mr Martin said: "Gardens and growing products, give kids a chance to interact with all their senses - touch, feel, sight, smell and at the very end, taste."

He told the South Yorkshire Times: "My grandparents had an allotment and I used to go down and eat tomatoes from it.

"It's nice to see where food comes from, something that I think is dying out but projects like this help to bring that learning back."

Hey, Rachel Ray, how about taking the lead on this side of the pond?!

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