Thursday, October 25, 2007

Yamaha's Green Concept Bikes at the 40th Tokyo Motor Show

The FC Dii Utilizes Fuel Cells As a Power Source

The Tesseract Quad - Runs on a Dual Scythe Suspension

The Yamaha LUXAIR Utilizes a Hybrid Gas/Electric Design
The Yamaha FC-AQEL Utilizes the Yamaha Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology

The BOBBY - an All Electric Commuter that is Foldable!

The 40th Tokyo Motor Show, ran for 17 and is set to close tomorrow ( November 11, 2007). The show unveiled some of the wildest and most exiting concept vehicles. Yamaha is running a booth around the concept of "Art of Engineering." And alongside their vehicles they are presenting, they are also offering a view of some radical bikes.

In a recent press release the company explained their intention in the motorcycles designed and featured at the Tokyo show;

"Yamaha motorcycle design and engineering by presenting our definitive design ideals of (1) "GENESIS," the engineering ideal that sees the engine, the chassis and the other main components of a motorcycle not as individual mechanisms but as integrated parts of a single whole, (2) the "G.E.N.I.C.H." ideal that pursues the active adoption of the latest electronic control technologies in ways that achieve ever higher levels of "rider-machine communication" based on human perceptions, and (3) "Smart Power," the concept of achieving both customer excitement and Eco-friendliness with new power sources capable of creating exciting new riding experiences."

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