Saturday, January 19, 2008

Disposable Chopstick Sculptures Explore the Environmental Cost of Tradition

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Humans use an astounding 100 billion disposable chopsticks a year. Although in Asian cultures chopsticks have been used for some 5000 years, the modern day disposable single use chopstick is contributing to deforestation and the destruction of natural forest habitats.

One artist, Donna Keiko Ozawa, creates sculptures that confront the massive environmental expense involved. In 1999 she undertook the original project in Japan, and in 2005 thanks to funding from the Columbia Foundation and the LEF Foundation (as well as the help of restaurants in the San Francisco Japantown area), did the follow up project, titled The Waribashi Project.

View the video below for an eye opening look at what inspired both series, as well as the process of creating the work.

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