Thursday, November 1, 2007

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Heirloom Quality Sustainable Furnishings - The Moura Starr Solution

Shelley Badauy, the founder of Moura Staar, had been in the home furnishings business for almost a decade. Her thriving retail and manufacturing business (bicoastal) required no shift of strategy, but one look at the work Graca Kazan and Luis Mario Moura – a Sao Paulo based design team, and Shelley knew she had to redefine her business.

Today, through the exclusive partnership with Kazan and Moura, Moura Starr has established a reputation for its legacy quality sustainable furniture pieces, all designed by the Kazan and Loura team. The furniture is of uncompromising quality and shows extraordinary attention to detail. Moura Starr prides itself as a leader in the sustainable furniture design field and has established itself as the go-to brand for an upscale clientel.

The pieces are simply stunning and are made from from native trees such as Acai, Cabreuva, Imbuia and Sucupira. Combining a modern zen aesthetic with several pieces that take a nod to modern century appeal, the Moura Starr collections get it right, from every right angle – philosophically and literally.

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