Tuesday, November 6, 2007

celebrity + charity + global relief:
Prince Charles Helps Indian Farmers Go Organic

One can think of many things when one thinks of Prince Charles - castles, fortunes, scandal, and the lush life...but organic or Eco-friendly is not one of them. Well, so much for judging a book by its cover, as they say.

According to the Economic Times, the royal is buying organic tea, coffee, spices, grains, milk, eggs and herbs from Indian farmers to export to Middle East, Japan, the USA and the U.K. His reason, is to help convert 25,000 acres of Indian soil into organic food farms.

The products are sold as part of the line of goods, Duchys Originals, a luxury line of organics (of course), founded by HRH in 1990. Apparently the Prince is quite a strong advocate of preservation, and is a chief Patron of The Prince of Wales BhumVardaan Foundation that manufactures organic tea bags, produces ayurvedic medicine and operates an organic bread bakery. The foundation also works with small farmers, helping them convert conventional farming practices into organic.

“It is not easy for small farmers to grow organic foods if they don’t have a dedicated buyer, a contracted price, appropriate certificate and hand-holding during the three-year process of shifting from chemical to organic agriculture. The foundation aims to plug this gap and thus create a sustainable business model for organic crops in India,’’ said an official with the organization.

We give his royal highness a big nod, for helping small farmers make it possible to go organic - keeping them, and our earth safe.

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