Friday, November 9, 2007

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Sail With Deepak Chopra On Luxury Self Development Cruise

Thinking about cruise ships, brings up images of endless buffets of fattening food and shuffle board. But Deepak Chopra is offering nothing short of expanded consciousness (versus expanded waistlines) on a seven day adventure around the Alaskan inner passage.

The cruise is called "Grow Younger, Live Longer" and is taking place on a an all suites luxury liner called the Seven Seas Mariner. First class accommodations along with a week of workshops and discussions on how you can transform how you look, feel and live your life, promise the opportunity for an inspired adventure both in and outside of yourself. Deepak Chopra himself will be setting sail on the adventure along with co-founder of the Chopra center, David Simons.

The ship sets sail June 4-11, 2008. An adventure in self development, while cruising in the lap of luxury...cruising just got a whole more interesting.

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