Tuesday, November 13, 2007

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Vintage Chic, Online Retailer Delivers High Style For The Eco Fashion Set

Pink chiffon flowered 1950's party dress with tucked details (Item: 5S452)

White satin 1930's era lingerie gown with lace details. (Item: LG062)

Black silk chiffon and lace B. Altman dress from the 1950's (Item:5S534)

Early 1960's blue crinkle chiffon cocktail dress with beaded designs. (Item: SD013)

Vintage clothing has always been "in" with trend setters, but the green movement and thinking sustainably about all our resources, has brought recycling into the fashion world, and Vintage into the realms of high style.

Vintage might be fabulous, but finding pieces that transcend time and maintain integrity over the decades is not always easy. One company, Hemlock Vintage, does an extraordinary job of discovering incredible pieces spanning the last century that bring out the best of every era.

The company is based in Maryland and was founded in 1999, by the owner who sold pieces from her own vintage collection to start the business. Everything on the site is handpicked, inspected, refurbished and cleaned. The selection is inspired and clearly curated with a meticulous and knowledgeable eye.

Go to Hemlock Vintage.com to see the entire collection.

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