Friday, November 9, 2007

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National Geographic's Guide to Life Transforming Vacations

(image is of the Nov. 07' Special Travel Issue of the Publication)

National Geographic has been catering to the nature loving adventure seeker in us all, for over a century. Now the company that has brought us to every corner of the globe in print, on TV, and on the big screen is catering to the adventure traveler by releasing a most fabulous book "THE 100 BEST VACATIONS TO ENRICH YOUR LIFE. " The book is inked by by travel expert Pam Grout and showcases the best of "experience-driven" getaways in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

National Geographic has caught on to the trend that travelers are no longer looking for the usual fare on their vacations, instead seeking new perspectives, inspiration and enrichment. The book highlights life-enhancing vacations, which involve acquiring a new skill, volunteering to share one's expertise, exercising one's intellect, or extending oneself in some creative, physical or spiritual way.

"This is a book with what I call 'before and after' vacations," writes Grout in her introduction. "Any one has the potential to seriously change your life. You probably won't look different to the naked eye, but you'll be different, guaranteed. Your heart will be bigger, your purpose will be clearer, the petty things that used to seem so overwhelming will shrink and eventually disappear."

Grout is the author of 13 travel and self-help books, as well as numerous articles for such publications as Travel + Leisure, Outside, Modern Maturity, New Age Journal, Scientific American Explorations and The Washington Post. She also is the Midwestern stringer for People magazine and writes a travel column called "Now, Where Was I?"br>

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