Wednesday, November 21, 2007

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Modmix Delivers Best Organic Mixers for Holiday Entertaining

Tis the season to be jolly...and well, inebriated. Truth be told, between Thanksgiving and New Years the world probably sees more eating and drinking then any time of year. For the conscious consumer these 5 weeks are becoming increasingly easy to navigate, with an ever expanding selection or organic eats, drinks, and even wines and liquors. Now, organic mixers have arrived - and with a bang.

Modmix blends the finest organic ingredients using hand crafted recipes that will leave the rest of the non-organic competition in the dust, including; citrus margarita, french martini, lavender lemon drop, mojito and pomegranate cosmopolitan.

The company was created by Gretchen Nix, Joni Ryan and Tricia McCracken. All three co-founders share a love for design, organic living and, of course, a finely crafted cocktail. The result is a cool new organic product for the conscious consumer, guaranteed to add a little bit more merriment to the holiday season.

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Tasty Holiday Drink Recipes Using Modmix

Hot Pomegranate Cozy
2 parts Modmix Organic Pomegranate Cosmopolitan, heated 1 part rum Garnish with cinnamon stick Serve in a martini glass or holiday mug

Twinkle Star
2 parts Modmix Organic French Martini 1 part champagne 1 part vodka Garnish with sugar crystal Serve in a martini glass

Lavender Lemon Drop Snowflake
1 part Modmix Organic Lavender Lemon Drop 1 part vanilla vodka Shake over ice, serve up in a martini glass

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