Thursday, November 29, 2007

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Internet's Environmental Crises, CEO Jason Calacanis Speaks at GNOMEDEX 7.0

Waste is not a problem just facing our "physical" plane, and our natural environment - waste has become a crises of our "mental " plane and our artificial and manufactured environment.

Humans now confront an information overload driven by the explosion of mass media and the Internet. As the explosion has reached epic proportion, the quality of the information has deteriorated and infiltrated the mental landscape of the global audience. Waste has become not only the byproduct of the phenomena, but has actually become a business in its own right when companies such as those creating technologies driving "spam" into the in-box of our email system, and ultimately our minds.

Here is a presentation (and heated discussion with the audience) by Jason Calacanis, CEO of given at GNOMEDEX, on the subject of the Internet's "environmental crises," and the opportunities and challenges for change (including those within his own business).

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