Wednesday, December 5, 2007

body + mind + spirit:
Japanese Researcher, Dr. Emoto, Reveals Mysteries of Life in H2O

The groundbreaking work of Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto determined that there is a link between "thought" and "emotion" on life in a way that led the researcher to conclude that humans actually design their own reality, through what they think, feel and say.

His experiments were conducted on water, whereby water from different sources was "exposed" to various emotions and thoughts, and was frozen. The results of those frozen crystals of water were then photographed under a microscope. The resulting images were extraordinary and resulted in furthering new ideas on the interconnectedness of all life.

See video below of an interview with the Dr. Emoto, and read (or catch on DVD) "Messages From Water" by Dr. Emoto (both available on Or go to for other information.

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