Friday, December 21, 2007

FEATURE - Conscious Chic - The Sexier Side of Being Green, Lingerie from Ayten Gasson

Its hemp, its bamboo, its organic cotton - and its HOT ! The days of Birkenstock wearing, tye dye shirt sporting environmentalism seem to be behind us, and if the folks at Ayten Gasson have their way - environmentalists just might turn out to be the sexiest demographic yet.

The label has established itself as the best in "green" lingerie, taking cues from eras long gone and infusing them with a modern twist. Everything from knickers to boudoir jackets to eye masks and garters, Ayten Gasson wants to turn your boudoir closet into the stuff of ultimate fantasy and romance.

To see their full selection and new collection go to the fabulous online retailer Enamore at

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