Monday, December 31, 2007

Creating Life Transforming New Years Resolutions

I love celebrating New Years Eve. Even as a child, it held more excitement for me than any other holiday. I remember when I was little feeling filled to the rim with glee on New Years day, waiting to begin… to somehow write life anew. I still feel that way. There is something magical to the idea of beginning a new chapter, which the New Year promises. I always get sad when I hear people say “oh it really no big deal for us at all,” like a kid being told there is no Santa – I want to pout and kick my feet and protest. “It is a big deal!”

Maybe if we all got into the habit of realizing that every day is actually a new chapter, or for that matter, like all the great spiritual masters would correct me – in every moment there is actually a new chapter – perhaps New Years would be less momentous. But finding that clean slate in an average day seems to slip the psyche. We seem to spend a whole lot of our life assuring that the patterns of our life are upheld to perfection, day in and day out, rather than inventing something new. I believe in many lives this becomes increasingly the case especially as people age – patterns become more ingrained and the idea of creating anything truly new is left to the realms of fantasy. Our life, in large, becomes a replay of our patterns.

New Years is an annual celebration that reminds us that we can make resolutions for small changes that we will give ourselves a whole year to resolve. Perhaps the reason that most people fail at getting great results from their resolutions is that the resolutions are not “great” in character. We are not inspired by the very things we set as resolutions. Losing 10 lbs might make you feel more attractive, but how much does it actually improve the overall quality of your life? Getting a “higher paying job” could create help you pay your bills, but a salary increase is not a soul igniting concept. I believe soul igniting is what we actually all need.

I think all those folks who want to lose ten pounds should go for broke. Change your resolution - go for 10 less pounds with extraordinary physical health and incredible stamina. Envision more than that smaller size jeans cradling your waist, envision running that marathon that you thought you would never do. Forget just asking for the year to bring you a higher paying job, and ask for complete financial freedom. Don’t hope for just making all your bill payments, but envision taking a month off to vacation in another part of the planet, worry free.

I believe that if our lives are to inspire us, our resolution are the first place to start. Throw away being reasonable, and be outrageous, be expansive, be GREAT. Great lives, begin with great thoughts. Ask yourself this New Years, what are you creating in your thinking for 2008? Go for broke…let 08’ be the year that you lived the great life you were destined to live. Make it happen. At 12:01 AM – your clean slate will be waiting to be written. What will you write?

Happy New Year. Much Peace, Joy, and Abundance to All.

Julia Z.Fenster

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