Sunday, February 3, 2008

UK's Luxury Electric Sports Car Hitting Roads in 08'

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A UK-based car company is bringing to market a sexy little sports car that is redefining the green car culture. This little looker is an all-electric luxury vehicle that is powered by an Altair Nanotechnologies lithium-ion battery pack and PML Flightlink in-wheel motors.

The Lightning Car Company (LCC) that is producing it, is targeting a range of models including the GT; a lighter, faster GTS version and a long-range GTSE model that can do 250 miles on a charge (apparently in a period of 10 minutes). The model is powered by four, hub mounted electric motors and has a zero emissions solution. The top speed is enough to satisfy the hard core speed junky, with the GTS model going 0-6 in 4 seconds and 700 + bhp.

At a steep price rumored at near $200K, its not exactly for the budget watcher. But for the Eco-luxury set this is a sweet solution to getting the power, speed and decadence while treating the environment with kid gloves.

Reserve yours now at, slated for 08' delivery.

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