Friday, December 21, 2007

AVEDA Founder Launches Ambitious Organic Cosmetics Biz

The organic cosmetics business has seen enormous growth in the last several years with revenue expected to reach $7 billion this year alone, up $1 billion from a year ago ( Organic Monitor). Now one business giant plans to jump in the game, pushing the organic cosmetics business even further with his high standards and industry know-how.

Horst Rechelbacher is the founder and creative genius behind the Aveda Corp, which in 1997 sold to Estee Lauder Inc. for $300 million. He ran the company for two decades turning it into one of the leading cosmetic brands in the industry. Now the "Eco-Preneur" wants to get back in the game by creating an entirely organic certified line of cosmetics. The new company, Intelligent Nutrients, will debut late spring to early summer with more than 100 cosmetics products, including; hair care products, lip balm, skin and body care products, baby, maternity and even a pet line. The company is in talks with high end salons, Whole Foods and Sephora to sell the all organic (food grade) line.

"I'm breaking the rules," Rechelbacher said. "No cosmetics company has been entirely organic-certified."

Stay tuned...if Rechelbacher is able to come close to doing what he did with Aveda - the organic cosmetics business might see a boom unlike anything its experienced yet.


delladoll said...

I didn't know Aveda sold their company. Maybe that explains why their products are so much more toxic than I would expect. Check out this site for an organization's database on tons of cosmetic products and their level of toxicity. Educate yourself:
I hope this new organic line is much better.

Anonymous said...

check out any other popular makeup brand, much less any kind of drugstore makeup.

you will see they are much worse than aveda.